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Amazon Prime Day | Pressure Cooker Recipes To Try

Discover How You Can Create Delicious Meals With A MultiPot

Ok guys, I am really guilty of this. I buy a bunch of things on Amazon Prime Day, and those cool appliances, kitchen tools, and gadgets stay in the box for months after Prime Day. Life is busy, am I right? Here's the thing: it's time to pull your new MultiPot or electric pressure cooker out of the box, and we are here to help. When I finally pulled my MultiPot out of the box and started using it, it was a revelation for everything about putting dinner on the table, Pot-in-Pot cooking, doing a side in the MultiPot while the meat is on the grill, and salsa chicken in 15 minutes. Mom-life just became a lot more enjoyable! Here are the 11 basic MultiPot easy pressure cooker recipes that will have you hooked on your MultiPot, like me.