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How to Cook Juicy, Perfect Poached Chicken Breasts in a Pressure Cooker

How to Cook Juicy, Perfect Poached Chicken Breasts in a Pressure Cooker image

Poached chicken is made foolproof when you throw an electric pressure cooker in the mix.


Poached chicken gets a bad rap for being bland and boring, but I say that's user error. Yes, poached chicken in it's purest form is basically just a fancier way to refer to boiled chicken. Poached chicken is simply a starting ground for a delicious meal. After being poached, the chicken needs to be sauced, dressed, shredded, etc. etc. to take on the flavors of whatever meal you're making with it.

Poached chicken is a good starting place for so many great dishes - chicken salad, shredded chicken, chopped chicken can even be tossed with a store bought barbeque sauce for quick barbeque chicken. Poached chicken is a great meal prep recipe since it can be adapted in so many different ways depending on what you're in the mood to eat that day.

Get perfectly poached chicken breasts in just a few minutes using the following method.

Start off by seasoning your chicken breasts with salt and pepper.

Then pour 1 cup of water into the steel pot of your electric pressure cooker. Place the trivet into the pot, with the arms up. Lay the chicken breasts on top of the trivet so that they are not overlapping.

Pressure cook on High pressure for 6 minutes by pressing the "Pressure Cook" button and then hitting the minus button until you reach "6".

Allow pressure to release naturally before turning the steam valve to "Venting" to release any remaining pressure.

Open lid and allow chicken to rest for several minutes. Slice, chop, or shred your chicken and enjoy!