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1-Minute Quinoa in a Pressure Cooker

1-Minute Quinoa in a Pressure Cooker image

If you've ever cooked quinoa, you've probably dealt with either wet, mushy, overcooked grains, or tough, undercooked grains. This recipe for quinoa cooked in the pressure cooker yields perfectly cooked, fluffy quinoa, every single time.


Quinoa is a superfood that is high in protein, fiber, and important nutrients. Use it where you would use rice, sprinkle it into salads for an vegetarian protein addition, roll it into meatballs with lean turkey meat and fresh herbs, sauté it into stir fries with veggies and soy sauce, even add a poached egg on top and call it breakfast. It has a very minimal taste, making it amenable to a variety of different applications. When cooked correctly (which will never be in question again if you stick to this recipe!), it has a lovely texture - tender, but with a slight bite.

This recipe couldn't be easier - just dump equal parts rinsed quinoa and water into the pot, cook it on High pressure for 1 minute, then allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes. Fluff it, serve it, ask yourself why you haven't been pressure cooking your quinoa your entire life, etc.

Here's how to do it:

Measure out 1 cup of dry quinoa. There's a lot of quinoa varieties out there - red, white, tricolor - all of them will work with this recipe.

Add quinoa to a fine mesh strainer.

Rinse quinoa thoroughly for at least 1 minute. Use your fingers to get in there and shake it around, you really want to make sure that each grain gets rinsed off. Quinoa has a natural coating called saponin that makes it taste bitter and soapy, and rinsing gets rid of it. Even if your quinoa package says "pre-rinsed" on it, you'll still want to rinse it at home.

Add rinsed quinoa and 1 cup fresh water to the inner pot of your pressure cooker. At this point, you can also season it with a pinch of salt, even add some spices if you're feelin' that! I usually just add a pinch of salt, so that I can use it in whatever way I want.

Pressure cook on High for 1 minute. If you're using the Mealthy MultiPot, hit the "Pressure Cook" button, then use the down arrow to change the timer to "01" minutes.

After your time is up (if using a Mealthy MultiPot, the pot will beep several times to indicate that the 1 minute cook time has completed) naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes. The red floater will probably fall during this time. When ten minutes has passed (if using a MultiPot, the "Keep Warm" timer will read 10 minutes"), release any remaining pressure, ensure that the red floater has fallen, and open the lid.

Unveil that beautifully cooked quinoa! Hello beautiful.

Use a fork to fluff those perfectly cooked Grains. Turn off the pot (if using the MultiPot - hit "Cancel") so that your quinoa stops cooking.

Dish it up! And admit to yourself that you're never going to make quinoa any other way, ever again.