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How to Make Potato Skins in an Air Fryer

How to Make Potato Skins in an Air Fryer image

Potato skins aren't something you'd typically make for a casual dinner at home, but the air fryer makes them fast, easy, and healthy enough to be a weeknight side dish.


White potatoes get a bad rap, but they are packed with essential vitamins and fiber. When eaten in moderation, they are actually a great addition to a balanced diet! They're even allowed on Whole 30!

The trouble is, white potatoes are used in some of the worst-for-you recipes out there. French fries! Twice baked potatoes! Chips! POTATO SKINS!

Admittedly, potato skins are on the menu of my favorite local restaurant, and I find myself ordering them more than I care to admit. A couple of days after a recent Friday night with friends and an inevitable potato skin order, I found myself in my kitchen, standing in front of my air fryer, with a handful of potatoes. I was determined to figure out how to make a healthier alternative to the deep fried, T.G.I. Friday's style potato skins. And figure it out I did!

These air fried potato skins get nice and crispy, and the cheese gets nice and gooey in just six minutes. Again, when eaten in moderation, these are a perfectly acceptable side dish!

Air Fryer Potato Skins


2 cooked Yukon Gold Potatoes

Salt and pepper

Cooking spray

1/2 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese

2 pieces cooked bacon, chopped

Sour cream

Hot sauce


Start with two pre-cooked Yukon Gold potatoes. You can cook them in the Air Fryer for 45 minutes, boil them, pressure cook them, whatever ya like. Just let them cool down before cutting into them, or the skins will shred and they'll crumble.

Cut it into quarters, or sixths if it's a monster potato.

Scrape out the insides! I left a lot of potato on these skins, because I wanted to enjoy them more like a potato side dish. If you want them to be more of a crispy appetizer bite, scrape out more potato. Reserve the potato innards and make mashed potatoes tomorrow!

Spray the skins generously with cooking spray. This will help them get CRISPY!

Top them with cheese...


Carefully transfer the skins to the basket of your air fryer.

And cook at 350°F for 6 minutes. I found that cooking them any hotter than 350°F made the cheese hard-melted versus gooey-melted. And that just won't do the trick for potato skins!

I stirred together some sour cream with my favorite hot sauce, but you could also dollop plain sour cream on top, or serve sour cream and salsa on the side. I cut up some basil and threw that on top because I had it. Sliced green onions or parsley would also be a great garnish.

Make these for game day this Fall, or simply for an easy weeknight side dish!