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How to Use the Mealthy Recipe Apps

How to Use the Mealthy Recipe Apps image

Mealthy has excellent recipe apps for both Android and iOS to help home cooks take their cooking to the next level. There are thousands of expert-tested recipes and videos in the app, ready to be cooked! This guide will get you started.


Mealthy has been working for well over a year to deliver the recipes, recipe videos, and digital products needed to cooking at home quick, easy and delicious. I wanted to share answer to some of the most common questions we get from users, as well as information on our must-see app features.

Download the iOS app here.

Download the Android app here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mealthy Recipes app?

Mealthy is a kitchen appliance and food media company that is constantly adding to our recipes to provide quick and easy cooking solutions for home cooks. The Mealthy apps make our recipes easily available on mobile phones. We have recipes that aim towards helping users cook with their current Mealthy appliances (MultiPot, HandBlend, Spiralizer) as well as recipes relevant for future product releases. We also have hundreds of recipes that are simple and healthy that need no appliances at all. Mealthy is the place for quick and easy healthy recipes to help home cooks succeed every day in the kitchen.

2. What is the best way to find pressure cooker recipes in the app?

Finding pressure cooker recipes in the app is easy. There are several ways to find Pressure Cooker recipes in the app. The best way to search for Pressure Cooker recipes is to click into the search bar at the top of the screen. Selecting "pressure cooker" will serve up all pressure cooker recipes in the Mealthy app. Pressure Cooker recipes and videos are highlighted within the "Discover" tab when browsing. Additionally, Pressure Cooker recipes and videos are highlighted within the "Discover" tab when browsing.

3. What is the best way to find specific pressure cooker recipes with ingredients I am looking for?

From the search bar you can select multiple search metrics, for example: pressure cooker + carrots, which will give you all of our Pressure Cooker recipes that also include carrots. Or you can also use multiple filters, by using the "refine" option at the top right of the screen.

4. How can i find recipes for other appliances?

The Mealthy apps are home to not just Pressure Cooker recipes, we have dozens of recipes also written specifically for other appliances you know and love. In the Mealthy app you can find recipes for your Air Fryer, Blender, Immersion Blender and Spiralizer as well. You can find these recipes through highlighting "Method" of choice in the Search bar (just like with Pressure Cooker).

Additional Features you will find on the app:

1. Signing Up for a Mealthy account

Signing in/up with the Mealthy apps is simple. If you already have a account, use the login credentials you signed up with on Otherwise, sign up either with Facebook or with email in moments. Not ready to sign up with Mealthy yet? Feel free to proceed as guest, with limited functionality (no recipe box or saving).

2. Vegetarian Mode

After the signup screen, you will see a screen where you can choose to enter Vegetarian Mode or view all of the recipes on In Vegetarian Mode you won't see recipes that include any meat anywhere on the app. No videos, no recipes with meat. You can toggle this mode off/on within the "Me" tab of the app.

3. Discover Page

This tab is your main source of inspiration on the app. Here you will find access to the "Getting Started" videos for the MultiPot, recipes by category, and more.

4. Recipe Box

The Mealthy Recipe Box allows users to save their favorite Mealthy recipes so they can be found again either on the website or the app. Recipes saved on the website under the same account can be seen the Recipe Box on the app, and vice versa. The Recipe Box is a great reason to sign up for a free account with Mealthy.

5. Search and Filter

The best search and filter functionality is available on the Mealthy apps. Within the app you can do compound searches such as: Chicken + Pressure Cooker + Whole 30. Enter the advanced search by simply clicking the search box and selecting the relevant boxes to your search.

6. Shopping List Export

The app is the only place on Mealthy where you can export a shopping list. The shopping list export in available on a per-recipe basis when you open a specific recipe in the app. All you have to do is click "Export ingredients" and you can save the ingredients list to your phone or share with a friend.

We hope you enjoy the Mealthy App! If you have any question about the app, please feel free to reach out to Mealthy's Customer Service for support.