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Introducing the Mealthy MultiPot, and the 5 Tips That Will Make You a Pressure Cooking Pro

Introducing the Mealthy MultiPot, and the 5 Tips That Will Make You a Pressure Cooking Pro image

Our friends over at did a review of the Mealthy MultiPot electric pressure cooker, and came up with 5 tips that every pressure cooker homecook needs to know.


We’re always excited about new product launches, especially when they offer the chance to make everyday home cooking simple and convenient. Behold our newest piece of equipment: the Mealthy MultiPot, a multi-cooker with nine easy-to-use settings that comes in at just under $100.

When you order a Mealthy MultiPot, you’ll receive lots of accessories, like a trivet, a steamer basket, a spare gasket, and silicone mitts, not to mention top-notch customer service if you ever have a question. Plus, you’ll get access to the Mealthy app, which is full of tasty recipes (including 30-minute meals) and instructional videos to boost your confidence in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to explore new techniques or just make cooking less of a chore (and minimize the dreaded cleanup!), Mealthy can help.

Once you receive your Mealthy Multipot, you may be wondering what on earth to do with it, especially with all those settings: pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté, and more. Today we’re exploring the pressure cooker setting. Sure, you can buy a dedicated pressure cooker, but sometimes they can be unreliable and overheat, or they can just be a little intimidating to use. This new pot from Mealthy has undergone rigorous safety tests, so you can feel confident every time you switch it on. The best part: It can get your meals cooked and on the table up to 70% faster when you use one of the 14 preset pressure-cooking programs.

So how do you get started with pressure-cooking? We can help you there. First, you should know that there’s a lot you can make in a pressure cooker, including homemade chicken stock and cooked-from-dried beans in under an hour. You can also prepare rich Texas-style chili, salsa verde chicken bowls, risotto, thick sauces, and grains for those chic grain bowls.

What makes countertop models (like the Mealthy MultiPot) even better than a stovetop version is that they cook ingredients evenly along the bottom and sides of the pot. Plus, the insulated heating elements ensure that all that energy is going to cooking your food—not being released into your home and heating up your kitchen. With summer on the horizon, it’ll be nice not to have to turn on your stove as often.

And using the Mealthy MultiPot is a breeze. Simply add your ingredients, use a preset setting (or set your own pressure and time), then let the MultiPot work its magic. You’ll know it’s come to pressure when the red float pops up. When whatever you’re preparing is done, use the quick-release valve, or just let the automatic pressure release do its thing. The result will be juicy, tender, pull-apart meats; creamy and effortless risotto; and much more.

Before you start, here are some quick tips to make pressure-cooking even easier:

1) Use at least one cup of liquid. Make sure when you're pressure cooking that there's enough liquid in the pot. At least one cup will do, whether it's water or stock or even wine. But don't overdo it: Too much liquid will overflow onto your counter when you close the top.

2) You can pressure-cook frozen meats, but give yourself some extra time. Yes, you can throw frozen chicken breasts into the Mealthy MultiPot without having to thaw them first. Just note that it'll take the pot a little longer to come to pressure and you should add some extra time to make sure the chicken is completely cooked through.

3) Sear your ingredients for more flavor: The beauty of the MultiPot is that you have the sauté function. This way, you can get a tasty brown crust on meats and vegetables (and deglaze with a flavorful liquid) before you bring everything to pressure.

4) Always release the pressure before you open the top: The little pressure valve on the MultiPot is your friend. Whether you wait for the pressure to release on its own or do a quick-release, make sure all the steam is out of the pot before you open it.

5) And finally: Click here to explore hundreds of pressure cooker favorites on Mealthy, or download the Mealthy app for more recommendations on how to revolutionize weeknight meals, one dish at a time.

Did you know it's easy to make jam in a MultiPot or pressure cooker? Click here to get started: