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Our Favorite Recipes from the Pressure Cooking Queen, This Old Gal

Our Favorite Recipes from the Pressure Cooking Queen, This Old Gal image

Our friend Jill Selkowitz, blogger and pressure cooking maven behind the blog This Old Gal, has become famous for her reliable, delicious pressure cooking recipes. Here's just a small selection of our favorites.


Jill has SUCH a beautiful variety of pressure cooker (and air fryer!) recipes on her site,, but here are a few of our favorites to get your started.

  1. Pressure Cooker Creamy Baked Ziti: We love a "dump" recipe that manages to pack a ton of flavor with zero sautéing, and just a single push of a button. This Creamy Baked Ziti accomplishes just that. Tons of flavor, tons of sauciness, plus a flavor-boosting trick that you'll find yourself using in all of your stovetop sauces from now on!
  2. Pressure Cooker Cauliflower Soufflé: You've seen a million recipes for cauliflower "rice" and cauliflower "mashed potatoes", but Jill's Pressure Cooker Cauliflower Soufflé is unlike anything you've ever seen. This cheesy, low carb soufflé puffs up beautifully, and is fluffy and light. No one will suspect they're eating a better-for-them soufflé!
  3. Pressure Cooker Maple Glazed Holiday Ham: This recipe teaches you how to glaze and reheat those beautiful, fully-cooked hams that you can buy at the grocery store. This glaze is absolutely delicious, unique, and isn't packed with preservatives like what you could buy at the store.
  4. Pressure Cooker Sloppy Joes: Your average sloppy joe recipe is packed with high fructose corn syrup thanks to a heavy pour of ketchup - but Jill doesn't take that common shortcut. Instead, she makes homemade sloppy joes in the pressure cooker, using all natural ingredients. Best of all? The recipe is still just as fast to make as the ketchup-heavy version!
  5. Pressure Cooker Short Ribs: Jill did us the honor of converting what is purported to be President Obama's favorite short rib recipe into a pressure cooker recipe. I've been making this recipe for years on the stovetop, and can personally attest that this recipe is not only far easier and quicker, but just as delicious, if not more so, than the original.
  6. Pressure Cooker Greek Lamb Gyros: This pressure cooker hack yields tender, succulent gyro slices in only about 45 minutes total. Opa!
  7. Pressure Cooker Coconut Almond Fudge Cheesecake: Jill is kind of the queen of pressure cooker cheesecakes, so of course we had to include one on this list. She has so many beautiful looking cheesecake recipes on her site, but this one is calling my name.
  8. Pressure Cooker Roasted Onion & Garlic Hummus: Well if that isn't something you'd order at a fancy restaurant, then what is?! This hummus is a total flavor bomb, and is so much better than anything you'll ever but at a store. Buy some dried chickpeas ASAP and make yourself some fresh hummus!
  9. Pressure Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps: P.F. Chang's style lettuce wraps, in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost! Make them as an appetizer, or serve them as dinner. Just delicious!