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Pressure Cooking School: Pot-in-Pot Cooking

Pressure Cooking School: Pot-in-Pot Cooking image

Pot-in-Pot cooking is one of the greatest pressure cooking techniques because it allows the cooking of multiple separate dishes all at one time. Some see it as an advanced technique, but really it's simple!


Pressure cooking is great for cooking dishes incredibly quickly, but I hear the same thing over and over again - "even if my main dish cooks quickly, I still have to cook my sides, and since I only have one pot, I can't cook them quickly too!"

Wrong, my friends! You can cook an entire meal full of two or three separate dishes, all at the same time, in the same pot using a pressure cooking technique called "pot-in-pot cooking". I'm about to give you the DL on how it works.

Basically, pot-in-pot cooking refers to cooking in a separate cooking vessel, other than the steel pot of the pressure cooker. When you cook a cheesecake in a springform pan inside of the pressure cooker, that's pot-in-pot cooking. When you cook rice inside of a heatproof bowl inside of the pressure cooker, that's also pot-in-pot cooking! When you've got orange chicken cooking in the steel pot, with a bowl of rice cooking in a heatproof bowl over top, with a third smaller bowl full of rice cooking above the rice, that too, is pot-in-pot cooking! Did I just blow your mind with that last one? I hope so!

I recommend getting your pot-in-pot learner's permit by starting with a tried and tested recipe. Here are a few of my favorite recipes that use the pot-in-pot technique from the Mealthy site and app:

Pressure Cooker Honey-Garlic Chicken and Snowpeas

Pressure Cooker Pesto Veggie Bowls

Pressure Cooker New York Cheesecake

Pressure Cooker Mediterranean Chicken Bowls

Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken with Potatoes

After you get comfortable with pot-in-pot cooking, you'll find yourself constantly conspiring how to cook more than one recipe at the same time in your pressure cooker.

Got a great chicken recipe that cooks on High pressure for 5 minutes? Perfect, throw some eggs in the steamer basket on top of a trivet and hard boil them at the same time! Bam, dinner tonight, and breakfast for the rest of the week.

Cooking pot roast for dinner? Place the trivet over the meat, place 2 pounds of Yukon potatoes in a heatproof bowl or the steamer basket that comes included with the Mealthy MultiPot, and place the steamer basket on top of the trivet. Cook the potatoes while the pot roast cooks, then mash them with heavy cream and butter after the cooking cycle completes. Mashed potatoes and pot roast, ready all at once!

This step-by-step recipe for Salsa Chicken Burrito Bowls gives a thorough explanation of the technique.

Give it a shot!