Image for 9 Recipes You Didn't Know You Could Make With a Spiralizer

Pretty much everyone who is familiar with spiralizing equates the gadget to zoodles. But spiralizers have so much more to add to your recipe repertoire than just a gluten-free alternative to noodles!

In an era where gluten and dairy free options are becoming the norm, the spiralizer makes foods like sweet potato, carrots and zucchini (just to name a few) into a great alternative carbohydrate base. A spiralizer is an affordable kitchen tool that quickly transforms your favorite veggie into thin, curly noodles. With a concealed blade and an easy-to-use hand crank, the spiralizer is a simpler alternative to the mandolin and a less messy grater. Spiralized foods make wonderful pasta, but can also be incorporated outside of the noodle realm. They’re great on flatbreads, salads, and even as a thin base for a pickled version of your favorite vegetable. While they are predominantly advertised for vegetables, fruits can be spiralized as well. If you’ve always wanted the apples in your apple pie to be just a bit more thin and uniform, the spiralizer is your new best friend. The options are endless, and I would urge you to consider them all.

Spiralized fruits and vegetables are a healthy, low calorie, high fiber alternative to your standard carbohydrate packed noodle. Start your spiralized meals off right with these nine recipes!