Image for Starter Guide to using the Mealthy MultiPot

Most home cooks know their way around all the standard kitchen appliances - blenders, toasters, microwaves, even stand mixers and food processors.

But for whatever reason, the thought of learning how to use an electric pressure cooker strikes fear in the hearts of even the most talented home cooks.

"There are so many buttons!" they cry.

Yes, there are a lot of buttons. They are here to help you. Don't hate on the buttons.

"I don't know which recipe to try first!" they sigh.

Honestly, just pick a recipe and go for it. As long as the recipe comes from a reputable source, once you get going, it's so easy to figure it out. I'll give you some suggestions for my favorite, extra, extra easy recipes at the end of this article.

"This thing is so confusing!" they declare.

It's not confusing, I promise! Yes, there's a bit of a learner's curve at the beginning, but it's like riding a bike - seems really intimidating at first, but after cooking a couple of recipes in it, it's like muscle memory. You'll find yourself using it constantly, totally stress-free, in no time.

To help combat the stress and angst that comes with introducing a new gadget into your life, I've compiled a quick beginner's guide to using the Mealthy MultiPot.