Pressure Cooker Mediterranean Chicken Bowls

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Mealthy tip:

Pot-in-pot cooking, with an ovenproof glass dish on a trivet, is a great way to make two dishes at once and reduce dishes, waste, and energy. Good for your hands and for the earth! Try using this technique with rice, potatoes, or beans and the main dish of your choice!

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5.0out of 5 Stars

(4 Reviews)

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Image of Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner says:

Definitely a keeper! Quick,Easy and delicious.

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Renee Hynds says:

Easy prep and good flavor!

Image of Christina Sunn

Christina Sunn says:

Easy and delicious. A keeper indeed.

Image of Jo Lauer

Jo Lauer says:

The toppings were the best part of this recipe. Also, I used white rice instead of brown rice. This was my first time using the "poultry" button on my Multipot, and I don't know if it did something special but the chicken turned out perfect!