Pressure Cooker Stuffing

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Pressure Cooker Stuffing
Pressure Cooker Stuffing


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Mealthy tip:

This recipe is really open-ended. Add your favorite stuffing ingredients, such as mushrooms, apples, cheese, or sausage.

To line the steamer basket with foil, press a large (12 inch) piece of foil into the basket, and smooth the foil around the edges. If it doesn’t cover the edges perfectly, no worries, just make sure it’s covering the steamer holes and coming at least 2 inches up the side of the basket.


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caroline chambers says:

Made this for Friendsgiving this weekend. SO MOIST throughout, and I did broil it and loved the crunchy top. Classic, delicious stuffing... but really, really moist versus dried out like oven stuffing can be!

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Alli Shircliff says:

This recipe is so good that I made it again the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone loved it! I used half day-old sourdough bread and half day-old cornbread. Broiling it for a couple of minutes after cooking in the pressure cooker really made it nice and crunchy on the top.