Pressure Cooker Beets

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Pressure Cooker Beets
Pressure Cooker Beets


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Mealthy tip:

It is important that the beets are all about the same size. If you have a few beets that are larger than the others, cut them in half or quarters to match the size of the others. This will ensure they are all cooked to the same tenderness.

Cook beets that are slightly smaller than the palm of your hand for 20 minutes on High. Cook small beets for 15 minutes on High. Cook extra large beets for 30 minutes on High. If you find that they aren't tender enough, put them back in the pressure cooker and cook for 5 minutes more.

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Kai Douglas says:

I didn't use golden beets, only the traditional purple beets. They cooked really nicely in the pressure cooker. I used chicken broth instead of water to help contrast some of the earthy flavor. This is best way to prepare beets!