Black Sticky Rice with Cardamom-Coconut Sauce and Caramelized Bananas

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  • 1 cup black glutinous rice, rinsed
  • 3 cups coconut milk, divided
  • ¼ cup palm sugar (or granulated), divided
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • 9 green cardamom pods
  • 2 teaspoons tapioca starch (or cornstarch)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, or more as needed
  • 3 ripe bananas, peeled and cut into ¼-inch thick diagonal slices


  1. Stir together the rice and 3 cups of water in a large heavy-bottomed pot over high heat. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a low simmer, cover, and cook until the water is fully absorbed, about 25 minutes. 
  2. Continue cooking in a low simmer and stir in half of the coconut milk and 1 tablespoon palm sugar. Continue to simmer, covered, until the grains are tender and the sugar is completely dissolved, about another 5 to 10 minutes. 
  3. Remove from heat, stir, cover, and set aside. The rice should now be about the consistency of thick porridge.
  4. Meanwhile, make the coconut sauce. Combine the remaining coconut milk, palm sugar, salt, and cardamom in a small saucepan and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. 
  5. Stir the tapioca starch and 2 teaspoons water together in a small bowl. Stir into the sauce until it’s thickened to a crème anglaise consistency, about 1 minute. Remove from heat, cover, and set aside.
  6. Caramelize the banana slices. Heat the coconut oil in a nonstick pan over medium heat. Arrange the banana slices in a single layer and cook until caramelized on both sides, about 2 minutes total.
  7. Serve the black sticky rice in individual bowls, topped with 1/4 cup coconut sauce and garnished with caramelized banana slices.
Mealthy tip:

Be sure to use ripe bananas for maximum flavor. Remember that the riper the banana, the sweeter the flavor. White sticky rice is a fine substitute for the black rice, but black sticky rice turns a beautiful deep purple when cooked.


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What others are saying

Image of Caro Hodgin

Caro Hodgin says:

I made with white sticky rice. Weird, but good! Great texture. Kinda like rice pudding... kinda.

Image of Tarragon Boi

Tarragon Boi says:

I love getting mango sticky rice when we go eat out at thai restaurnts, and I was really excited to make this, because it looks classy and elegant. I personally liked it, but my wife called it "a crime against dessert". I think it wasn't sweet enough for her. I guess there's no pleasing some people.

Image of Tal Levitas

Tal Levitas says:

This just didn't taste too great. It wasn't sweet enough as a desert, and wasn't savory for a side or an entree. It wasn't horrible or horribly offputting so it isn't a 2 or 1 star recipe in my book. But it kind of was meh. I'd add some brown sugar and would use butter instead of coconut oil next time, but there likely won't be a next time for this recipe in my kitchen.

Image of Queen  Foodie

Queen Foodie says:

I really liked the sauce and the bananas 🍌 The sticky black rice part of the dish tasted just like black rice tastes. There was no sweetness in it, nor could you taste the coconut. If I were to create this recipe I'd add organic maple syrup to the rice part and use a dab of butter to caramelize the bananas quicker. With just coconut oil in the pan the bananas get a bit mushy before the caramelization happens.

Image of Sam Dalton

Sam Dalton says:

My favorite part of this dish was the coconut sauce and banana slices. It was my first time making sticky rice, and my wife and family loved it. We will be making this again.